Barbeque Tips From The Pros

Posted by Spice Enthusiast on May 17th 2019

Barbeque Tips From The Pros

Spring and summer are the seasons to enjoy grilled and barbequed food. The sun’s out and you need to make the most of it! Whether you’re indulging in some smoky barbequed sausages or you’re keeping it light and fresh with lean meats, the options are endless with a grill.

If you’ve tried your hand at barbequing and you don’t think your food tastes quite right, don’t be disheartened! A bit of trial and error will get your barbecuing like a pro.

Here are some barbequing tips from the professionals that will get you the same great result you’ve always wanted:

Use wood chips from fruit trees

The wood chips you use for your barbeque affect the flavor and char on your barbequed food. Wood chips are added to the charcoal for added flavor and smokiness. Fruit tree wood chips give the best flavor. Their flavor is mild and they are high in sap. Fruit trees also have fewer impurities compared to other species, making your food healthier. The most popular fruit woods to use are apple, peach, cherry, and grape.

Soak wood chips in water

One lesser known tip professionals swear by is to soak wood chips in water. Soaking them in water for an hour or even overnight can improve its depth of flavor.

Dry the wood chips off after soaking them for a couple hours, wrap them in aluminum foil and place them in the grill. The wood chips soak in water which results in more smoke and an intense flavor.

Don’t keep checking on your food

If you constantly have the urge to keep checking your food while it’s barbequing, it will never cook well. The number one rule of barbequing is to give it time. The food you’re preparing needs to be left on low heat for it to slow cook. If you keep lifting the lid of the grill or barbeque to check your food, it will never cook all the way through. Check your food every half hour when barbequing.

Focus on the marinade

The smoky flavor surely adds to the dish you’re preparing, but the focus will always be on the marinade. The spices you use to marinate the ingredients must be fresh.

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