Essential Seasoning Spices to Have in Your Kitchen

Posted by Spice Enthusiast on Sep 25th 2018

Essential Seasoning Spices to Have in Your Kitchen

An ideal kitchen would be one that has a variety of pots and pans, a Julia Child substitute, and a cabinet full of flavorful spices neatly labeled for use.

Forget the neat labels: spices on their own and by the simple virtue of presence can fill your kitchen with color and your food with flavor. Full of flavor and a great complement for your health, here’s our rundown on the spices which you absolutely cannot do without in your kitchen:

Peppercorns as Black as Your Soul

Black pepper is only the second-most used seasoning after salt, and is widely used in almost all cultures. Delivering slight bursts of flavor and full of health benefits, this is seasoning you absolutely cannot do without.

Pepper—Hot and Fiery

If it’s slight heat you need, Cayenne pepper makes for the perfect add-on. From soups to corn to anything that needs just that slight boost of fiery flavor, this is a handy spice to have.

Chile Powder for Your Chowder

This one is for those who find Cayenne a walk in the park: made with dried chilies, garlic, onion, and at times even cocoa, chile powder can make any foodie smile (or cry, depending on how spicy they like their food!).


Complementing both sweet and savory dishes, cinnamon reigns supreme as the world’s most favorite spice. From adding flavor to aroma, cinnamon is a must-have. Cinnamon sticks look fancy and are handy to keep around, but ground cinnamon is easier to use.


Coming with a strong smell and used in moderation, cloves add a much needed sweetness and warmth to savory foods. Used in barbeque and spiced teas, these are a trusty spice to have around.

Cumin, Blandness Out

Used all around the world and full of a strong nutty flavor, cumin is earthy and aromatic, and perfect for savory foods. Ground cumin is definitely more convenient, but whole seeds can also be used once they have been pan roasted.

Curry Powder—Even if You Don’t Make Curries

A golden amalgam of various different spices, curry powder is great if you need to add instant flavor to any savory meal. Think of it as the spice cake that you get with your regular ramen. Instant, easy, and absolutely delicious.

Partners in Spice: Ginger Garlic

While ginger and garlic are used in the more spice-oriented parts of the world as a definite pair in savory foods, they also carry much weight on their own. Garlic is used in a number of savory, filling, homely dishes—oh, and it also keeps vampires away. Ginger will similarly work brilliantly in all baked delicacies, and if you’re feeling lonely, you can just make a gingerbread man to feel better. You can also find it in the form of ginger powder, which is easier to use.

Paprika—Simple and Smoked

Simple paprika is great on its own, but smoked paprika adds an earthy smokiness to any dish and goes particularly well in chilies.

Not Rosemary’s Baby

Aromatic and quintessentially French, Rosemary will remind you of the woods—especially if you blend it in savory and spiced bread.


Think a little citrus herb, and you get oregano, which without overpowering the rest of the dish adds a delicate but definite layer of flavor. And if you like Italian, this is a must-have.

Vanilla Extract

Perfect in anything sweet and baked, vanilla is a versatile flavor you use in a variety of things: from complex cakes to simple hot chocolate, no kitchen can do without this saccharine flavor enhancer.

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