Rock, Pepper, Scissor – A Guide to Peppercorns

Posted by Spice Enthusiast on Apr 11th 2019

Rock, Pepper, Scissor – A Guide to Peppercorns

Archaeological evidence shows that pepper has been in use since 2000 BC. Known to have originated in India, this spice was exported to Egypt.

Peppercorns are little berries that grow on a pepper plant known as the Piper Nigrum. These berries are often dried down and used in savory foods, either whole or ground.

Ground peppercorns are a staple when it comes to seasoning food. Fancy restaurants freshly grind pepper over the food when it’s placed in front of you as part of the whole fine dining experience.

Did you know that there are many kinds of ground peppercorns used world over? Here’s a guide to them:

Black peppercorns

These peppers are most commonly used in kitchens at home. They are perfect on sunny side up eggs, pasta, chicken, sauces, and such. Black peppercorns are berries that are picked before they mature. They are usually dried, which makes them hard and gives them their wrinkly skin. Black peppercorns are also the strongest in flavor compared to others.

There are two main types of black peppercorns, the Malabar and tellicherry. Malabar is known for its superior flavor, whereas tellicherry is known to be larger and more mature; it originates from the coast of India.

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Green peppercorns

Berries picked when they’re young are essentially green peppercorns. They’re known for their light flavor and are easy to chew. They are packed dry or in a liquid. Green peppercorns can be ground up or cracked between two spoons; they combine well with poultry, salads, steamed veg, and fish.

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Pink peppercorns

The berries of baies rose are known as pink peppercorns. This spice was introduced to the west by the French in the ‘70s. These berries add color, sweetness, and some heat to the food being prepared. These peppercorns are used to make pink peppercorn risotto and taste delicious with seafood.

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