Spices And Herbs That Make For An Authentic Thanksgiving Turkey

Posted by Spice Enthusiast on Oct 31st 2018

Spices And Herbs That Make For An Authentic Thanksgiving Turkey

With Thanksgiving holiday just around the corner, we know the preparations must be in full swing just in time to celebrate the harvest festival .

Aside from taking the time to give thanks to the numerous blessings, you must be busy planning lunch and dinner menus.

We’d love to help you make the best of this holiday by sharing our version of an aromatic and delectable Thanksgiving turkey.

Let’s see which of the seasonings you have in your pantry, and which herbs and spices need to be bought from our online store.

Hot Chili Peppers

Your roasted turkey needs some smoky paprika and a kick of hot chili from cayenne pepper for it to turn the turkey meat into a juicy and flavorful dish.


This sweet and hot chili pepper spice is made from dried capsicum bell peppers which are used to add a mild heat to the turkey.

Cayenne Pepper

It is an extremely hot spice that is made by grounding dried skinny red chilies. Take a pinch of this strong hot chili powder and rub it all over the turkey meat. Make sure you get the inside and the outside well coated with this tangy spicy pepper.

Herb Trio

Ditch the complicated process of deep-frying the turkey and keep it simple and basic by incorporating three main herbs to bring out the musky earthy tones that compliment other spices of the turkey seasoning.


The fragrant evergreen leaves of rosemary are native to the Mediterranean region and fall under the mint family. It is widely used in culinary art as one of the main stuffing ingredients in roast chicken, turkey, lamb, and pork. It pairs well with barbecued and roasted foods as it gives off a unique charred, wooden aroma once it is cooked with the meat and vegetables.


With its culinary and medicinal uses, thyme is a widely used herb from the oregano family. Fresh leaves come in bunches of sprigs that are composed of a cluster of leaves.


It will provide a peppery herbal bite to the turkey with hints of bitter leaves that add an intense flavor. It’s a staple of Italian-American cuisine and pairs well with pizza, fried and grilled meat, and vegetables as well.

You can use fresh or dried rosemary, thyme, and Mediterranean oregano to balance out the unique flavors of the dish. Just stick a handful of these herbs inside the turkey and arrange some on the outside of the baking pan.

Your house will be filled with the fresh, earthy aroma of these wonderful herbs which will transport you back to your childhood days when your mom and grandmother used to make a similar recipe.

Special Spice Blends

Use the special spice blends available exclusively at Spice Enthusiast that have a mixture of some of the tastiest and tantalizing spices ready to be paired with your traditional roast turkey.

The Spice Enthusiast Mother Clucker Chicken Seasoning has a mixture of garlic, thyme, onion, sage, paprika, black pepper and chili powder that makes for a phenomenal allspice seasoning for your meat. It doesn’t matter if you’re deviating from the traditional individual spice rub recipe of the turkey. As long as the spices are of premium quality you can enjoy this alternative seasoning.

The Spice Enthusiast Herbes de Provence is the perfect blend of herbs that you need to add to your turkey. We offer this special mixture of rosemary, thyme, and lavender to all those who wish to make a quick and easy traditional turkey with freshly packaged spices and herbs.

Buy these spices and give your turkey the most unique rub of seasoning this Thanksgiving.

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