Your Holiday Baking Essentials Checklist

Posted by Spice Enthusiast on Oct 31st 2018

Your Holiday Baking Essentials Checklist

Get your pen and paper ready for we are about to disclose our list of baking essentials that you must have in your kitchen pantry to welcome the winter holiday season.

With Christmas around the corner, it is time to put together a detailed plan for everything you are going to cook this annual festival.

Prepare for all the sweet and savory dishes that are going to be part of this Christmas weekend and go on a much-needed shopping spree collecting all the essential ingredients to season your meals.

Go over our checklist of holiday baking essentials to see if you haven’t missed any important item.

Must-have Equipment and Basic Ingredients

Before you dive into the complicated world of baking cookies, pies and cakes, take a minute to check off these fundamental cooking utensils and ingredients.

Bowls and Dishes

It is very important to have mixing bowls and baking trays ready to be prepped to begin the cooking process. You need to have different sized mixing bowls; at least 2 large and medium pots and 3 to 5 serving pans to dish out the cookies and cakes.

Hand Mixer and Rubber Spatula

Make cooking prep easier by investing in an electric hand mixer and quality rubber spatulas to scoop mixtures into the baking trays.

Butter, Oil, and Flour

These basic ingredients must be in your pantry at all times. Buy them in bulk and store them in your pantry as you will need bags full of flour and butter to add to every holiday treat.

Pungent Ground Spices

Now comes the most interesting part – adding flavors and extracts to your sweet and savory baking dishes!


This warm condiment is a common spice option used to add an earthy taste to a variety of snacks, sweets, and savory items.

Sprinkle ground cinnamon powder over apple pies and fill it inside cinnamon rolls – no one can stop you from adding a pinch of this rich spice in your baked dishes.


The nutmeg spice is made by grinding the seeds into powder. It has a distinctive sweet and warm smell that is used as a special ingredient to bring out flavor in carrot cakes and eggnogs.


The ginger root powder is a medicinal spice used in culinary arts to make zesty sweets. It is a staple ingredient to make the classic gingersnap cookies and gingerbread man cookies.

As Sweet as Sugar

Who said you need to make do with white sugar when you’ve got a whole other world full of sweet alternatives ?!

Cacao Nibs

A superfood that burns energy and reduces fat, cacao nibs are healthy ingredients to add to your holiday baking dishes. These are perfect for those craving a unique bittersweet chocolate flavor. 

Coconut Sugar

This deep brown coconut sugar is extracted from the bark and flowers of the coconut tree. It is an amazing ingredient full of nutrients like magnesium, zinc, and potassium that make can be used as a direct substitute to white sugar.

Honey Powder

Instead of using powdered white sugar to glaze donuts, cake, and cookies, use dehydrated honey sugar to sprinkle over your baked sweets.

Vanilla Bean Sugar

The delightful vanilla bean sugar is infused with the aroma and flavor of sweet vanilla that can be used to make fresh cupcakes and tea biscuits in no time.

Keep your pantry stocked with these essential baking ingredients. Buy the spices and sweeteners from our online portal and have your house smelling like a bakery this holiday season.

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